Tax Law:

Income tax is a tax that you have to pay the government according to the slab applicable to your income. There are many ways to save tax, as the government provides many facilities and investment plans for saving taxes on your income, but if you are not paying tax on your income as per law, you might receive any notice related to income tax. Delhi NCR Lawyer has expert lawyers and consultants who are experts in related laws. Every income tax assessee should file income tax returns annually. There are different types of income tax returns and for getting a TDS (Tax deduction at source) return, you also have to file an income tax return in which you give the details of the previous year’s details, like a bank statement, savings, medical policy, tuition fee of children’s, donations, etc, for better suggestions on saving taxes on income and investments Delhi NCR Lawyer is the best place for consulting.




Nowadays, every businessman is working with GST laws, and if anyone wants to start a business, it’s the first step to register as a businessman. Earlier, there were different types of registration, like sales tax and service tax, but now the government has made one tax for all service providers or the sale of any product, and it is called GOODS AND SERVICE TAX, or GST. You can register yourself with GST online, and after registration, you will have to file GST returns on a monthly or quarterly basis (optionally). We have trained consultants who could consult you on the best options for saving extra taxes, and through them, clients get benefits as a wrong filing of a GST return can cause big harm.

MSME Registration:

micro, small, and medium enterprises as per your income through business. Through the set criteria based on investment, through the registration with MSME, you can easily get the benefits of the schemes launched by the government for MSME and this registration for service providers and manufacturers.


If you are making a business-related food product, such as manufacturing food items or running restaurant hotels with activities related to food products, you will have to register with FSSAI. It is an online procedure, and Delhi NCR Lawyer provides these types of services at a reasonable cost. FSSAI issues licenses for 1 to 5 years for these types of activities.

Company Registration:

There are many types of companies’ registrations, like

  1. One-person company (OPC)
  2. limited liability partnership (LLP)
  3. Private Limited Company (PLC)
  4. Public limited company (PLC)

According to your business and type, you should choose the right one that suits your business.




Final arguments:

At the end of a case, both sides argue before the courts in civil as well as criminal matters, and our professional arguments, with experience and with the help of already decided matters, citations, and judgments, are in favor of the client.

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