Registration laws:

There is a very broad area of registration laws, like wanting to register any property through a sale deed or lease deed If anybody wants to make his or her will for the future, they want to make any person an attorney in behalf of the general power of attorney by this or specially appoint any person as special power of attorney



Registration of agreements

If you work with any other person on the conditions of a contract agreement, you can register it with the help of Legal Experts of Delhi NCR lawyers in sub-registrar offices in Delhi and NCR Regions.

Marriage registration

if you are already or recently married and, for some reason, want to register your marriage after completing all the legal documents, you can also register your marriage through the help of a Delhi NCR lawyer, We also deal in Society registration and NGO registration


Real estate regulatory authority You can register yourself as a RERA agent, register your project under the RERA Act, file complaints for possession, refund the amount deposited by you for correction of structure and construction defects, settle demands, and recover the delay penalty through filing a complaint in RERA.

Special Laws for Women:

Domestic violence

where any lady who is in domestic relations and her husband, or relatives cause her harm physically mentally psychologically sexually, or in other ways called Domestic Violence but the PWDV (protection of Women from domestic violence) Act 2005 gives power to the aggrieved person for getting relief under this act.

Domestic violence

this act was made to prevent the dowry system and under this act taking and giving dowry both are punishable if after marriage by groom side demands any dowry it is also punishable.


Final arguments:

At the end of a case, both sides argue before the courts in civil as well as criminal matters, and our professional arguments, with experience and with the help of already decided matters, citations, and judgments, are in favor of the client.

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